The Rockland Youth Jazz Ensemble (under the direction of jazz educator, composer, arranger, saxophonist, Peter Furlan) provides a chance for serious young musicians to collaborate with their peers from other schools, plus learn from local professionals involved in the jazz world. The Rockland Youth Jazz Ensemble has been created to fill an important and necessary niche in the local jazz education community to help promote this truly great American art form. The Rockland Youth Jazz Ensemble has been created in this spirit of cooperation, with musicians sharing their knowledge and love of jazz.

Important Covid -19 update
We will be postponing classes for the next few weeks as we continue to monitor the situation.  Our area schools are now closed until March 31st, but I can easily see the authorities waiting until after spring break to reopen.  I certainly look forward to our return and we will make up those classes missed.  Please stay safe and healthy during this time.  

Staying positive! ... Our 1st performance Wednesday May 6th @ Maureen’s Jazz Cellar